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         Turgut Özal Bulv. 39/2 Kucukyali , 34840 Istanbul,TURKIYE
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         e-mail : kurttekin@kurttekin.com
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    -  Constant & Variable Load Type Spring HangersSupports for pressurized thermal piping -Piping                    Accessories (Clamps,Turn-bucklesRods, Eye nuts, etc.)

·        for spring hangers details please click               dyaeng
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 - Pressure Vacuum Vents(TSEK No.:35-14.02/1237), Flame Arrestors(TSE-Ex  No.:35-16.Ex.K/103),        Gauge Hatch Covers for storage  tanks containing evaporative & flammable liquids.
    Soot Blowers



   GSI Inc. Gauging Systems Incorporation
    Full gauging systems for evaporative and flammable liquid storage tanks covering thermal & geometric compensations to display the output at a pre-defined temperature in accordance with the international based criteria. Also suggesting in plant and centered contol and data receipt system.

                for further details please visit       http://www.gaugingsystemsinc.com

Monitor Technologies LLC.
level control & measurement for bulk and liquids
Solids Flow Detection
Capacitance Probes
Electromechanical Level Control & measurement
Microwave beam breakers
Piezo electric controllers
Capacitance probes for measurement & control
Broken bag detectors
for further details please visit   http://www.monitortech.com

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Quindao Lifa Science & Industrial Trading Ltd.

    Spark Arrestors for use on exhaust pipe of vehicles entering to zones containing flammable substances and vapors
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for further details please visit      http://www.lifa119.com